MLA 7th Style Guide

eBook from an Online Database


Author Last Name, First Name. Title of Book. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year of publication. Title of Database. Web. Date of Access.


Hillstrom, Kevin. The Zoot Suit Riots. Detroit: Omnigraphics, 2013. EBSCOhost eBooks. Web. 16 July 2013.

Common Exceptions

If you have two or three authors, include all names.


Moehring, Eugene P., and Michael S. Green. Las Vegas : A Centennial History. Reno: University of Nevada Press, 2005. eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 1 July 2014.

If there are more than three authors, you may write all the names, or just the first author’s name followed by et al.


Ball, Marion J., et al. Nursing Informatics: Where Technology and Caring Meet. London: Springer, 2011. SpringerLink. Web. 1 July 2014.