Advocacy Project (ENG 102-Shapiro)

Find Scholarly Research Using Databases

Tips on using databases:

  • Limit to full-text to get whole articles instead of a summaries.

  • Limit to peer-reviewed to find scholarly research articles only.

Find Research Articles Using Google Scholar

  • Under each entry is a “Cited by” link, followed by a number. Click the link for a list of articles that used information from the entry.
  • Use the "Full-Text @ CSN Library" link to go to the full text of the article.
  • Off campus, in Scholar Settings, set your computer to connect to CSN Library resources by typing "College of Southern Nevada" in the Library Links box and then selecting the appropriate link.
  • Use Interlibrary Loan to request an article when the full text is not available, or you are asked to pay for content.

Find Info on Federal and Nevada Legislation

MLA Citation