Research Assignments (ENG 100 - Rohde)

Annotated Bibliographies

Annotated bibliographies must be written in Microsoft Word with a short description of your topic choice, why you chose it, and 5 sources on your selected topic with brief summaries of the sources below them. It must also use MLA format. Indicate whether the sources used are primary, secondary, reference, or counterargument.

Need More Help?

Working with class librarian Stephanie E. Villamor is recommended to get help! Her contact information is below:

Stephanie Espinoza Villamor, eLearning Librarian
Office inside the Henderson Campus Library: HNH-105B

You can also message Stephanie directly in Canvas under the name Stephanie Espinoza.

MLA Citation

Thesis Statement Help

1. Establish an issue that your essay will address, or a question it will answer.

2. Take a position on the issue.

3. Introduce at least 3 supporting points to back up your thesis with evidence.



"Vegetarian diets improve health, help local farmers, and reduce carbon footprints."

"Light pollution is a serious problem that negatively affects animals, humans, and plants."