Food Chemistry Research Paper (CHEM 107 - Rennels)

Finding Peer-Reviewed Articles at CSN Libraries

You can search through the CSN LIbraries Find Articles page to search for peer-reviewed research on your topic. If you need to find out whether a source is peer-reviewed or not? Use Ulrichsweb to search by journal title name to see if your material has been through a rigorous peer-reviewed process.

On the results screen from any database choose the types of material you want. Including availability, "peer-reviewed" articles, publication dates, and subject areas you want to include (each database will look different, but the limiters on the left side of databases remains the same):

  • Peer Reviewed Journals and Full Text Online under Availability
  • Journal Articles under Content Type
  • 2016 as From year under Publication Date
  • Choose relevant topic areas under Subject (ex. Food Science & Technology)


Databases and Journals to Find Peer-Reviewed Research Articles

Food Chemistry-Related Databases and Resources


Selected Peer-Reviewed Journals

Google Scholar

Google Scholar can be used as an alternative to searching through CSN Libraries.

Set it so that you can search CSN Libraries through Google Scholar using this link:

It also gives you access to research articles in institutional repositories, which are freely available on the web and searchable via Google Scholar.