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CSN Libraries During COVID-19

Our campus libraries are a little different this spring semester, but you can still get help with your speech assignments! Librarians are available to assist you online 7 days a week, and also by phone, email, and on campus. If you plan to come into the campus libraries, please see our reopening plan regarding social distancing and mask requirements. 

We look forward to getting you the information you need, so don't hesitate to contact us!

How Can You Use Library Resources in Speeches?

What do you think your audience, both your classmates and your professor, might want to know more about?

  • Is there a picture or another type of visual, such as a graph, that could help your audience relate to your topic?
  • Can you quote an expert on the topic, who might give a different perspective and increase your credibility as a speaker?

Why Use Library Resources in Speeches?

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Although Google can provide you with many sources related to your speech topics, CSN Libraries gives you access to many credible sources that are not freely available on the Internet, such as:

  • Books by experts on a topic
  • Reference books containing well researched and edited background articles on specific topics
  • Local and national newspaper articles
  • Popular magazine articles 
  • Peer reviewed journal articles that often report the findings of in-depth studies by experts in a particular field
  • Educational and documentary films by reputable film makers
  • Specialized databases that contain balanced information on both sides of an issue

Use the "Informative Speech" and "Persuasive Speech" tabs at the top of this guide to find the best library resources for the speech you are working on.


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Additional Help

CSN's Center for Academic Success has tutors who can assist you with:

  • Topic selection
  • Creating an organized outline and speaker's notes
  • Gathering supporting material
  • Creating exciting introductions and effective conclusions
  • Creating presentation aids
  • Improving your physical and vocal delivery

Visit the Centers for Academic Success website to learn how to connect with a tutor through the Smarthinking link in CANVAS: https://www.csn.edu/centers-academic-success