Research Paper (HIST 251-Urquico) FALL 2021


This research guide will help you navigate our CSN Libraries website to find sources for your historical research paper.

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Search Tips

Use quotation marks around phrases and proper names:

  • "open door policy"
  • "Jackie Robinson"
  • "Missouri Compromise"

Use AND to combine keywords and phrases (Unlike in Google, you will not get the best results if you type an entire sentence. Instead, pick out the key phrases, words, and concepts and link them together with the word AND):

  • "open door policy" AND Russia
  • "Jackie Robinson" AND "Jim Crow" AND baseball
  • "Missouri Compromise" AND "popular sovereignty"

Use the asterisk (*) toward the end of the root of a word to get variations of that word and thus more results:

  • impeach* will return results with impeach, impeachment, impeachable, impeaching


Find Sources

To quickly see what resources are available, type your topic into our CSN Libraries main search box ("Search for books, films, articles and more..."). This search does not cover all of our library databases, but can be useful for identifying keywords and subjects associated with your topic. For more efficient research, use one of the main buttons below.

Type your topic in the "Find Books" search box to see a list of e-books with immediate online access, as well as books available at a CSN campus library. To request a book from a campus library, "Sign in" with your CSN username and password and choose the campus library where you want to pick up the book. You'll get an email when it's ready for you to pickup and you'll need a CSN library card.

Once you have a CSN library card, you can check out books from UNLV's Library too. To see what's available at UNLV, do your initial search as above. At the top of your results page in the search box, change CSN Libraries to UNLV using the dropdown menu and click the search button. Click the title of the book you want and then "Sign in." Under "Get it from other Institutions," click on UNLV and then "Request." You'll receive an email when it's ready for you to pickup at UNLV's Lied Library.

The "Find Books" search does not cover all of our ebook databases, so click on "Browse all the ebook collections." Credo Reference and Gale Virtual Reference Library contain books with helpful background information while EBSCOhost Ebooks and Proquest Ebook Central have thousands of ebooks on a wide variety of topics.

Type your topic in the "Find Articles" search box to see a list of newspaper, magazine and journal articles. On your results list, you can get ideas for narrowing down your topic by reading the abstracts or using the subject filter. To see the full text of the article, click on one of the databases listed. This search does not get into all of our databases, but can be a useful starting point.

Type your topic in the "Find Films" search box to see a list of films that are immediately available online or that you can check out from a CSN campus library (DVDs). Since this doesn't search all of our film databases, click on "Browse all film collections" (under the "search for films" box). Depending on your topic, there may be a relevant streaming video database.

Use the "All subjects" dropdown menu and scroll down to "History." You will see a list of databases that are most useful for doing historical research. For details on specific databases, see the "Recommended Databases" box on the right side of this research guide.

InterLibrary Loan

CSN students, faculty and staff can use our InterLibrary Loan service, a fast and convenient way to request books and articles that are not available in the CSN libraries or databases.

Articles can usually be emailed within 1 business day, while books may take 2 to 4 weeks (due to COVID).

Recommended Databases

Search the archives of major US newspapers like the Chicago Tribune, LA Times, NY Times, Wall Street JournalWashington Post. Once in the database, use the "Advanced Search," which lets you search for your topic in the article title, abstract and other fields, as well as specify a date range. When you find an article, use the "Cite" tool to get the citation in Chicago style.

Use the "Advanced Search" in this archive of scholarly journals, primary sources and books to restrict your search by date or filter your results by discipline (history, art history, etc). When you find a source, use the "Cite this item" tool to get the citation in Chicago style.

Contains primary and secondary sources on US history topics. After clicking on the database link, scroll down to select "Gale in Context: US History." Browse the topics if you need help selecting or narrowing down a research topic. Otherwise, use the "Advanced Search," so you can search for your terms in specific fields like "Document Title," "Subject," "Person," "Place" and more. When you find a source, use the "Cite" tool to get the citation in Chicago style.

Cite Your Sources