Dreamland (OBOC 2018-2019)

One Book, One College 2018-2019

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Teaching Individual Chapters

If you would like to participate in this year’s common reading, Dreamland, but don’t have time to teach the whole book, the good news is that the majority of the chapters are short and can stand alone as inspiration for shorter lessons. We’ve created a chapter guide to help you find a chapter or thread that might work for your classroom or discussion.  Kody Lightfoot, Chair of CSN's One Book/One College Program

  • Narrative, Profile, and Drug Dealers: Enrique (13-14), All from the Same Town (17-22), Enrique Begins (32-35), Enrique Alone (47-51), Enrique Adrift (72-75), The Man Comes (89-91), All About the 501s (100-106), Enrique Redeemed (111-114),  The Man and the Nayarit (128-131), The Man at Home (140-144), The Man in the Heartland (161-168), Enrique on Top (173-177), Great Time to be a Heroin Dealer (256-263), The Internet of Dope (316-323)
  • Medical advertising: The Adman (28-31), Purdue (124-127), Swing with Oxycontin (132-139)
  • Critical thinking: The Landmark Study (107-110)
  • Pain management and conceptions of pain: Searching for the Holy Grail (76-79), The Pain (80-85), Pain and the Pro Wrestler (86-88), The Revolution* (92-99), A Pro-Wrester’s Legacy (253-255), The Treatment is You (310-315)
  • Prison and prosecution reform: Now It’s Your Neighbor’s Kid (273-277)
  • Personal stories of those affected: Introduction (5-9), A Parent’s Soul Pain (286-300)
  • Addiction and Overdose: Two Thousand-Year-Old Questions (187-192), Collision: Ground Zero (193-196), Fifty, Hundred Cases a Month (202-205), More Cases than Car Crashes (247-252)
  • Treatment: Now It’s Your Neighbor’s Kid (273-277), The Treatment is You (310-315)
  • Fighting the epidemic:  Tar Pit (181-184)
  • Philosophy: Preface and Afterword, The Final Convenience (226-231)
  • Economics: Junkie Kingdom in Dreamland (206-219), We Was Carrying the Epidemic (241-246)
  • Pill Mills: Liberace in Appalachia (23-27), Liberace Shows the Way (153-160), Canaries in Coal Mines (197-201)
  • Criminal Justice: Delivered Like Pizza (40-46), Easier Than Sugarcane (56-67), Just a Phone Call Away (68-71), We Realized this is Corporate (115-123), Smack Clans in the Sanctuary (148-152), Bodies are the Key to the Case (169-172), Heroin Like Hamburgers (178-180), Tar Pit (181-184), Took Over the Oxycontin Belt (222-225), Like Cigarette Executives (278-282)
  • Law: A Criminal Case (220-221), A Tidal Wave Forming (232-235), The Criminal Case (264-269)
  • Medicine and Biology: The Molecule (36-39), The Poppy (52-55) 

“America” (303-309) offers a brief summary of the issues contributing to the opiate epidemic, lawsuits, regulations, and pain management.



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