Annotated Bibliographies & Research Papers (ENG 100 & 102 - Peay)

Annotated Bibliography Assistance

An annotated bibliography is an opportunity for you to go out and find research that will best fit your chosen topic. You must include a 500-word introduction (double spaced) that gives a clearly stated thesis and the beginning of your argument. This should let the reader know your intentions, what your argument is, where you stand in that argument, and what you intend to prove (if anything).

Each annotation should be 250-300 words in length (single spaced) and will include a general summary of the article. Do not quote what is said in the article. You must include how you intend to use the article in your paper.

Before you give this paragraph of summary about the article, you must, in bold print, include the bibliographic information (citation) in proper and current MLA format (see the MLA Citation box to the right).

The beginning of the assignment should also have the usual MLA heading, title, numbering and spacing.

Reminder: Use articles that are longer than your annotated bibliography as sources (at least 1,000 words, 3-4 pages)--not short newspaper articles. If you need help finding longer, critical articles, consult your course librarian. Do not use dictionaries, encyclopedias, or Wikipedia for these sources. 


Working with Stephanie Espinoza Villamor on certain assignments is required. Her contact information is below:

Stephanie Espinoza Villamor, eLearning Librarian
Office inside the Henderson Campus Library: HNH-105B

You can also message Stephanie directly in Canvas.

MLA Citation

Thesis Statement Help

1. Establish an issue that your essay will address, or a question it will answer.

2. Take a position on the issue.

3. Introduce at least 3 supporting points to back up your thesis with evidence.



"Vegetarian diets improve health, help local farmers, and reduce carbon footprints."

"Light pollution is a serious problem that negatively affects animals, humans, and plants."