Research Project (HIST 217 - Macdonald)

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Your Assignment

This guide aims to provide assistance in finding and using resources for your research project "Nuclear Testing and Popular Culture". 

  • It demonstrates how to set up search strategies
  • It shows you where to find articles and books
  • It provides advice on improving search results by using the limiters and choosing among other types of information sources
  • It provides recommended primary sources and Internet resources
  • It provides Citation Guides

Be mindful of the due dates your professor has laid out. Research takes time and you should plan accordingly.

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Search Tips

Ask yourself these essential questions:

  • What do you know about the assignment requirements?
  • How many sources will you need to find?
  • What do you need to find about your topic?
  • What type of information sources does your professor expect you to find?
  • What citation style are you required to use?


Keyword searching is generally what you use when you do your search. Try to break down your topic onto the main concepts. Depending on what you want to say about your topic, lay out keywords, phrases and concepts and link them together with AND. Use only nouns for keywords. No verbs and no stop words, such as "from", 'for", "of", "to", etc.

Suggested keywords to help in  your search:

"Nuclear testing"  AND Nevada

"Nuclear testing" AND "popular culture"

"Atomic culture" AND Nevada

"Nevada nuclear test"

You can do multiple searches with a variety of keywords to find relevant results. If one database is not good for your topic, try another one. Do not type the entire sentence or a question in a search box. Instead type phrases or words and combine them with AND to narrow your search, and you will retrieve articles that contain both words. You can also use OR between your keywords to broaden your search, and you will retrieve articles that contain at least one of these words:   Nuclear OR "atomic bombs"

Use quotation marks around the phrase and proper nouns to keep words together.


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