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Library Databases

CSN Libraries has many databases with sources relevant to your research topics. Here are a few to get you started!

(Make sure you are logged in with your NSHE ID# and MyCSN password to access the full-text online.)

Tips for Searching in Databases

You can search through the CSN Libraries Find Articles page to search for peer-reviewed research on your topic. 

On the results screen from any database choose the types of material you want. Including availability, "peer-reviewed" articles, publication dates, and subject areas you want to include (each database will look different, but the limiters on the left side of databases remains the same):

  • Peer Reviewed Journals and Full Text Online under Availability
  • Journal Articles under Content Type
  • 2014 as From year under Publication Date
  • Choose relevant topic areas under Subject (ex. Microbiology, Genetics)

                Screenshot of filter bar in library search catalog

How to Search in Databases

Searching in academic databases can be trickier than searching in Google. Review these videos will show you how to pull keywords about your topic and use Boolean Logic to get to best results.