House on Mango Street (OBOC 2016-2017)

One Book, One College 2016-2017

Teaching HOMS

Critical Theory

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Library & Research Instruction for HOMS

Interested in scheduling a library instruction session that uses feminist pedagogy and current events to help students explore multiple sides of an issue? In addition to locating and using credible sources, do you want your students to:

  • Identify and critique how scholarly and cultural expertise are represented in public discourse  
  • Identify issues of power and privilege that influence scholarly conversations
  • Develop criteria for authority according to a specific information context
  • Examine the cycle of information production and publication and distinguish between a variety of source types in order to determine the values, perspectives, and processes that shape texts

If so, schedule a session and/or discuss different ways that library instruction could enhance your teaching of The House on Mango Street.