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Occupational Therapy Assistant

Medical Basics


Primal Pictures Anatomy and Physiology - An interactive anatomy resource featuring 19 body system modules - complete with clear 3D images and rotating models.

Visible Body - 3D Human Anatomy - Virtual human anatomy with detailed models of all human body systems.  The Visible Body is available only ON CAMPUS.

Hosford Muscle Tables - An index with detailed information on the skeletal muscles of the body.

Human Body Book: An Illustrated Guide to Its Structure, Function and Disorders - Details all aspects of the human body and the functions of every major body system.

Whole Brain Atlas - Detailed MR images of the brain.


Mosby's Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing & Health Professions - Medical definitions and related concepts with illustrations.

Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary - Comprehensive health sciences dictionary.

 Nevada Health

County Health Rankings - Data based on a model of population health including health outcomes and health factors.  When it comes to health, where you live does matter.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - Nevada State Health Division - Home to the Nevada agency responsible for enforcement of the laws and regulation pertaining to public health.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - Aging and Disability Services  - Resources at the community level which promote equal opportunity and life choices for people with disabilities through which they may positively contribute to Nevada.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services - Developmental Services - Nevada services supporting  people with disabilities as they gain full and satisfactory lives.

Small Area Health Insurance Estimates - Census Bureau estimates of health insurance coverage for states and all counties

Southern Nevada Health District - Home for District Board of Health news and information.

Quick Reference

Activities of Daily Living Evaluation - in The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health

HIPAA For Health Care Personnel - Clearly explains HIPAA concepts and brings meaning to the concepts through examples. 

International Encyclopedia of Rehabilitation - Includes articles on rehabilitation and disability topics identified through terms found in the CIRRIE and REHABDATA Thesauri, the World Health Organization's International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) and the International Index and Dictionary of Rehabilitation and Social Integration (IIDRIS).

Occupational Therapy - in The Gale Encyclopedia of Nursing and Allied Health - Brief history and overview of the profession.




Occupational therapy: hands and pegboard

This guide includes some of the best databases, journals, eBooks, streaming video, self-paced tutorials, and links to professional health information available to you via CSN Library Services. 

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