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Reference eBooks

Browse these online reference books or search within them for your topic

21st Century Criminology - Overviews of 100 key topics concerning criminal and juvenile justice.

Battleground: Criminal Justice - Examines criminal justice controversies throughout American history.

Childhood Sexual Abuse - Facts, statistics, problems, controversies and solutions to childhood sexual abuse.    

Crime and Criminal Behavior - Covers topics such as antisocial personality disorders, internet crime, prescription drug abuse and more.

Crime and Punishment Around the World - Explores crime and punishment throughout the world.

Crime and Punishment in the United States - Examines core aspects of criminal justice.

Crime, Prisons & Jails - Social and moral issues surrounding crime, prisons and jails. Includes statistics.

Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice - In-depth historical, theoretical and current information providing a balanced view of criminal justice topics.

Encyclopedia of Forensic Science - Explanations of terms and concepts relating to the collection and analysis of physical evidence in criminal cases. 

Encyclopedia of Gangs - Gang theories plus details on types of gangs and their practices. 

Encyclopedia of Juvenile Violence - Relevant theories, historical information, measures and issues of juvenile violence.

Encyclopedia of Law and Society - Interdisciplinary perspectives on law from sociology, criminology, cultural anthropology, political science, social psychology and economics.

Gale Encyclopedia of American Law - Covers major statutes, cases, legal terms, important documents and notable people involved with the law.

Policing in America: A Reference Handbook - Covers development of modern policing, theory, practice, problems, controversies & solutions.

Sentencing: A Reference Handbook - Overview of federal and state sentencing procedures